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Safelite Direct FAQs

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Can I add users to my account?
Yes. The account administrator can add users to your account.

I received the “Something cracked on our end” error.
How do I schedule an appointment?

Call 1-800-843-0288. Be sure to have your account number ready.

How do I create a Safelite Direct account?
Download and complete the company profile form
Download and complete the ADAS waiver form
Once complete, email the completed forms to NewAccounts@safelite.com.

My business is tax-exempt; how do I apply it to my account?
Email a copy of your sales tax exemption certificate to
SafeliteTax@safelite.com. Be sure to include your account number in
the email.

Can I reschedule or cancel an appointment?
Yes. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment online before the cut-
off time — noon the day before your appointment. If you miss the cut-off,
call 1-800-843-0288.

Can I use one group email for all users to log in to?
No. Safelite requires individual logins for each user for security and auditing

What is the difference between an administrator and a user?
Administrators can process fleet uploads, add and remove user access and
schedule appointments. Users can schedule appointments.

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